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Diversity, equity and inclusion are illusory for adjunct faculty



Senior Fellow Noam Schimmel wrote a new article for the Times Higher Education online portal, focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

In the article, Noam questions the impact of the new and expanded DEI programs in the US. According to Noam, there is a very limited impact especially for one essential sector of universities – adjunct faculty. “Diversity programs do little to address the structural injustice at the heart of US university policies,” Noam asserts.

In fact, according to his research, about 70% of university faculty in the United States are “adjunct lecturers who lack job security, a living wage, quality, affordable healthcare, and a decent pension.” What is more, women and racial minorities suffer disproportionately more.

As part of a solution, Noam suggests that DEI programs should consider how one’s income impacts a person’s ability to live a life characterized by the respect and fulfillment of their human rights. Indeed, without a proper income, “a person’s ability to express their identity freely is likely to be constrained,” Noam adds.

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