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These Groups Help Young French Immigrants Gain Social Mobility



France has failed to provide immigrants with equal economic opportunity. Vice Impact has provided a list of grassroots organizations in France that are tackling this issue. Among them is Ghett’up founded by Lyon Senior Fellow Inès Seddiki. The organization offers “cultural activities and in-person or Skype workshops to discuss current affairs, art, culture, and history with kids.” She hoped to inspire young people by teaching them about current events and culture. Experts in the field offer lectures and discussions through which young people can network and ask questions. Seddiki hopes to build confidence and inspire young people in France to action.

“We develop their civic awareness and social capital. We want these kids to discuss issues and matters that are never addressed at home because their parents don’t speak the language or aren’t educated enough,” Seddiki told VICE Impact. “There is an incredible talent pool in the suburbs, but one is helping each other.’

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