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Humanity in Action Netherlands launches HIA Talks series



In the context of the Week against Racism (18 – 23 March 2019) in Amsterdam, Humanity in Action the Netherlands presents HIA Talks: Inclusivity, but how? The first in a new talk series bringing together activists fighting against injustice and offering practical tips to making a difference.

During this first installment of HIA Talks, Humanity in Action The Netherlands challenges you to be inspired by people with guts who fight discrimination and racism. Everyday racism and discrimination is a reality in the Netherlands. Increasing polarization, the extreme right in politics and the legacies of the colonial past are palpable. Yet the existence of this reality is debated. To provide the necessary counterbalance – right now – Humanity in Action debuts “HIA Talks: Inclusivity, but how?” the first in a series of initiatives contributing to inclusiveness, human rights and the rule of law. Solutions are being sought on a large and small scale.

Panel members:

We dream about education with Emin Kececi. Together with author and investigative journalist Zoë Papaikonomou , we analyze the relationship between diversity and stereotyped media perception. Artist Richard Kofi challenges us to reflect on the role of identity in art, and lawyer and Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Salima Guettache makes a fervent plea about the importance of diversity in the Zuidas.

Creative acts:

Gershwin Bonevacia shares with his interpretation of Martin Luther King in the monologue “King” a message of tolerance. Finally, Humanity in Action Fellow Zarah Winter also recites a self-written poem to us.


The evening is led by Madeleijn van den Nieuwenhuizen, founder of the media critical Instagram account @Zeikschrift.

Do you want to know how you can work for an inclusive society like these powerhouses?

Get your ticket now via Podium Mozaïek .

We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday, March 19 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM CET!