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HIA Talks was created in 2019 to examine the challenges in our society. HIA Talks offers brave people and their inspiring initiatives a solution-oriented platform. A platform for everyday inspiration and lasting change. To dream, to dare, and to seek connection. To recognize, acknowledge and take action.

“We debuted “HIA Talks: Inclusivity, but how?” as the first in a series of initiatives contributing to inclusivity, human rights and the rule of law.

How do we jointly work towards an inclusive society?” was the question at the forefront of the very first edition of HIA Talks ” Inclusivity, but how?”. The public event was held at theatre Podium Mozaïek in Amsterdam and was part of the Week against Racism and Discrimination – full of inspiring lectures, talks, and seminars. We were inspired by courageous people in journalism, business, education, and the arts, who combat discrimination and racism on a daily basis.

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