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Carolin Wiedemann on the development of patriarchy and feminist concepts of society



Senior Fellow and Ombudsperson for Humanity in Action Germany Carolin Wiedemann was invited to the School of Life Berlin as part of the conversation series “Being human! Conversations for a diverse world” (or “Mensch sein! Gespräche für eine diverse Welt” in German) with Karoline Rütter and Dr. Jörg Benardy.

Carolin will speak about the development of patriarchy and feminist concepts of society. For the journalist and book author, the focus is about finding out how our coexistence can be designed so that our societies can freely develop their potential, identity and justice experience. In the online conversation, she will discuss more about interpersonal coexistence and the constitutional ideas regarding family and relationships.

The event will take place Thursday, December 9, 2021 between 8-9PM Central European Time through the online platform Zoom.

You can find out more about the event and book your tickets on this School of Life page (in German).