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Zuzanna interviewed for WOW WOMAN



Zuzanna Krzatala, our Senior Fellow and staff member of HIA Poland, was recently profiled in an inspiring interview for WOW WOMAN.

In the interview, Zuzanna shared details about her most recent humanitarian efforts. For example, at the very beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine, Zuzanna “converted an out-of-business bar space into a 15-person shelter for Ukrainian mothers and children,” the WOW WOMAN article says.

Zuzanna’s “Disco Shelter.” Picture retrieved from WOW WOMAN.

In this shelter, Zuzanna housed, fed and dressed the Ukrainian women and children, but also provided key medical contacts and connected Ukrainians to the much needed resources in Poland.

It’s the passing of the baton and delegating tasks that leads to successful outcomes.

Zuzanna further shared that she is continuously inspired by the young activists she gets to work with at Humanity in Action. “When I encounter young people in their teens and their early 20’s, I’m just amazed by their conviction,” Zu explained.