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Humanity in Action Announces the Publication of the 2018 European Fellowship Agendas



Humanity in Action is pleased to announce the publication of the 2018 European Fellowship agendas. Each national program has worked diligently to create engaging, informative and dynamic programs to prepare a new cohort of Fellows to confront the many challenges to human rights and democracy that our societies face.

Humanity in Action is an international educational organization that educates, inspires and connects a global network of students, young professionals and established leaders committed to promoting human rights, diversity and active citizenship—in their own communities and around the world. Participants in all of the 2018 Humanity in Action programs are students and recent graduates from universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine and the US.

Follow along with this year’s fellows in the Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Sarajevo and Warsaw programs as they study minority rights and learn how to strengthen democratic institutions.

Ninth Annual Humanity in Action International Conference

After completing each program, all 2018 Fellows will unite on July 5 in Strasbourg, France, for the Ninth Annual Humanity in Action International Conference. This year’s conference will focus on the European Union as a global peace project and one of the primary mechanisms for economic, political, and cultural cooperation and advancement of fundamental rights in Europe.