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Work in progress! We combine history, human rights education and new technologies



Do you know what coding a mobile application looks like? Until recently we didn’t know either! That’s why from June 15th to 17th part of our team took part in intensive workshops with specialists in new technologies from Letitscore. All this to give you an intuitive, visually attractive and knowledge-filled mobile application! We can already say that our mobile application, which is being created in the framework of the “Break the vicious circle!” project will be a real fusion of:

  • new technologies,
  • reliable historical knowledge in the context of human rights,
  • lesser-known facts about National Socialism, World War II and the Holocaust,
  • touching stories about forgotten or less known people who bravely helped others during World War II.

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If you have any questions, want to learn more about the project or share an interesting story, please contact the project coordinator at l.michalska(at)

This project is supported by the EVZ Foundation and the Federal Foreign Office.