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Caitlin Schaap


Caitlin was born from the womb of the amazone, before the age of one, she was gone. She grew up in Holland between farmland, when seasons where still parted. She studied to take care of the disabled while working, and could not deal with all the labels. Meanwhile, she was singing and loving arts, auditioned in theaters and over the years got more than one part. She spent her time on stages around the world for years; harm around the globe opened her eyes and ears. While finishing her bachelor in music at Codarts, parallel to it, was trying to understand world problems at large. Schooled on social justice cause the world seems to be led in vain, she also studied climate change. She never forgot where she was born, where waters are polluted and the ground is torn. She will fight for land rights when she returns, second to education.

Updated May 2018