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Chandra Vadhana Radhakrishnan

Fulbright PostDoctoral Fellow


Chandra is a dreamer and doer, a multifaceted serial entrepreneur who enjoys working on initiatives that create a sustainable and gender-equal future for the world. She has won the USIEF Fulbright Scholarship and is currently pursuing her post-doctoral fellowship at the Gendered Innovation Lab, Stanford University in the domain of Startup Social Equity and Sustainability.

Chandra is the first Indian to win the UNCTAD Empretec Women in Business Award 2018 and is one of the eight women entrepreneurs representing India in the International Visitors Leadership Program of the U.S. Department of State (2019).

She has a double Master’s degree in Psychology and Management along with a Ph.D. in Management with a total of 18-plus years of professional experience in L&D and Entrepreneurship Education. Chandra’s social initiative Prayaana Labs is a CSR-approved NGO in India supporting various corporate and government bodies with their gender equality initiatives.

She also has directed a short film, The Identity, released in 2022, and is the author of The Woman in me and The Girl in me Poetry books.

Updated November 2022