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David Werdermann


David Werdermann is a lawyer working for the GFF (Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte / Society for Civil Rights), a Berlin-based non-profit NGO. Its mission is to establish a sustainable structure for successful strategic litigation in the area of human and civil rights in Germany and Europe. In addition to his work at GFF, David works for Thomas Rechtsanwälte, a law firm focussing on media and freedom of information law.

After studying law in Freiburg and Manila, David worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Political Science and Philosophy of Law at the University of Freiburg. He completed his legal clerkship at GFF, at a law firm in Berlin and at the Federal Constitutional Court. Most recently, he earned an LL.M. in International Migration and Refugee Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


Updated November 2021

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