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Dominika Burakiewicz


Dominika Burakiewicz graduated with Honors in International Managerial Economics at the University of Gdańsk, Poland. She was Erasmus scholarship recipient studied at the University Lumière Lyon 2 in France. Her project management skills were, among others, developed at the European Parliament in Brussels while coordinating events, e.g. „Malbork – the Common Heritage” and the programme of Cuban political dissident. Currently, Dominika is the President of Rotaract Club in Tricity, Poland, where she manages young team of enthusiasts in wide range of projects like registration of the bone marrow donors, international exchange initiatives, business workshops with outstanding leaders, dance classes for disabled children, helping abandoned animals, arrangement of donation actions for educational centers and families in need. She gives speeches to students to encourage them to follow their dreams by sharing her experience, talking about her passions, and asserting personal responsibility for success. Her hobbies are reading, scuba diving, and kitesurfing.

Updated May 2018