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Ignacy Niemczycki



Ignacy Niemczycki is an expert in communication and European affairs. He is a former civil servant who worked on the European Union budget and is a journalist dealing with European Union affairs. He is also the Chairman of the Bronislaw Geremek Foundation and a member of the board of the Akcja Demokracja Foundation. Additionally, he is the former acting Director of Corporate Communications at IKEA Retail in Poland. Ignacy graduated from Bocconi University with a degree in Management and from the University of Lancaster with a degree in Sociology. He has been a vegetarian for many years, loves animals, enjoys ski-touring, and recently became a farmer in Masuria. He lives in Poland where he commutes between Warsaw and Masuria. Ignacy believes that progressive change is possible, but it requires giving up the status quo and building on the values that were at the center of liberal democracy. He is looking for ways to mobilize and amplify voices of individuals from underrepresented communities.

“Progressive change is possible, but requires giving up the status quo and building on the values that used to be at the very center of liberal democracy.”

Learn more about Ignacy’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here.


Updated February 2021