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Imtinen Abidi


Imtinen Abidi has a Masters degree in Public Policies from UPEC (Université-Paris-Est-Créteil) and another in Global Politics and Euro-Mediterranean Studies from the University of Catania. During her studies, she volunteered in several organizations, travelled to various countries and gained intercultural experience. She currently works as a communication officer for an NGO empowering young people. She was selected in February 2021 to participate in the #DiasporaVote program and is working with her team on an own-initiative called ‘The role of culture, education, media and sport in the fight against racism’. Her passion for humanities and sensitivity to social and cultural issues has had an impact on her academic background. She hopes to work on projects aiming to create a better understanding between the European Union and its Southern neighborhood. In her spare time, she enjoys learning new languages and discussing politics and history.


Updated May 2021