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Jan-Timo Geschwill


From the personal to the political. Born in Germany and currently living in Amsterdam, Timo is an artist, artistic researcher and filmmaker. He received a BA in Design from the Utrecht School of the Arts and a MA from the Netherlands Film Academy. Equipped with a critical mind he reflects upon the conjunction between society, identity, technology and media. From there a process unfolds in which he challenges himself to question assumptions, deconstruct universal understandings and to check his privileges in order to dismantle unconscious prejudices. This process is strongly informed by his experience of diverse (family) histories. It does not only permeate into his artistic activities on media, graphic design, film-making but also his different engagements into community, his care-work and parenthood. At the moment, he develops a project based upon his research in Virtual Reality and the experience of discrimination, exclusion and repression in a community in Amsterdam.


Updated April 2021