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Karol Wilczyński

Teacher, Writer, and Community Organizer


Karol teaches Ethics, Islam, and Migration at Jagiellonian University. He deals with communication strategies of social and fundraising campaigns in cooperation with numerous Non-Governmental and Political Organizations. He co-created Salam Lab, A World of Neighbours Network and Grupa Granica and is a Center for Leadership alumnus. He is committed to building a sustainable migration policy in Poland and the EU. He works at Minority Rights Group as a liaison officer.

He wrote his doctoral dissertation on Arabic philosophy and bridges Greek and Arab cultures in the Middle Ages as part of the Artes Liberales Academy, Warsaw. He graduated from the inter-faculty humanities studies with pedagogical specialization at the Jagiellonian University. Karol studied at the University of Rochester and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich as a visiting student.

He conducts workshops on building listening and attentive environments as well as trains in media, Islam, and migration. He is the author of the educational program “Empathy and Diversity.”

Updated December 2023