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Katarzyna Klimowicz


Katarzyna is a PhD candidate at University of Warsaw (Poland) and is doing her research on the implementation of the idea of participatory and deliberative democracy with the use of digital tools. Another focus of her research is emergence of network parties promoting citizen-centered politics, such as Razem in Poland or Podemos in Spain. She is a Co-Founder and the Board President of 4YOUth Foundation, with which she coordinated a number of international and local projects promoting the idea of citizen participation, human rights, intercultural dialogue, ecology and sustainable development. Moreover she is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (Warsaw Program 2013) and a current Visiting Fellow at Democracy Lab (Das Progressive Zentrum, Berlin). Katarzyna enjoys participating in various public speaking events (such as international conferences and TEDx Talks) in order to share and promote progressive ideas.


Updated June 2018