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The Human Library with Refugees and Immigrants



“Human Library with Refugees and Immigrants” provided an opportunity for the local Polish and foreign populations to learn from one another through personal interactions. During this event, refugees from the local refugee center played the role of Living Books telling their real-life stories to Readers – students from the partner school, their families and other local community members. By listening to these stories and interacting with the storytellers, the Readers were presented with the opportunity to challenge their own notions of a population that is often reduced to harmful stereotypes.

Since human ignorance is most often the source of prejudice, discrimination and unjustified disdain, Senior Fellow Katarzyna Klimowicz’s team conducted educational workshops and organized intercultural meetings, which have expanded young people’s knowledge on these subjects. They also gave a chance to integrate locals with foreigners through direct interactions and conversations. During the main event, people who were Readers could confront their stereotypes and prejudices in different nations or cultures by meeting their representatives in person. People who were Books instead could tell the stories of their lives and talk about everyday problems connected with living abroad.