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Lievnath Faber

Cultural Programmer


Lievnath Faber is a Jewish scholar and programmer with a Friesian father and an Israeli mother of Tunisian and Egyptian descent. She is also a birth and death doula and advocates for bringing these lifecycle events back into communities. She holds a master’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Amsterdam and is a facilitator for the Paradigm Project at the Paideia European Institute for Jewish Studies in Stockholm. She works on the intersections of Jewish culture and heritage, lifecycle and community, and cinema. Currently, Lievnath works on co-creating a Jewish hub, Oy Vey, in the city center of Amsterdam, right in the middle of the former Jewish quarter. This open, inclusive, and unapologetically Jewish hub aims to provide a safe and creative space for Jews and non-Jews to express, enjoy, celebrate, co-create, remember, and relate to cultural tradition and heritage. She believes this to be essential for honest, civic, creative, and nurturing discourse as well as for the well-being of the community and for actively fighting Antisemitism. She strives to create a local space that is inclusive of all who wish to engage with, learn about, and experience the rich and diverse global Jewish culture.

“In listening carefully to my fellow fellows and learning to see the world through their eyes, I hope to grow both as a human being as well as professionally. Through this, I want us to weave the fabric of a collaborative community.”

Learn more about Lievnath’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here and you can find her personal blog here.


Updated June 2021

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