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Maciej Kuziemski

Managing Director, Philanthropy for Impact


Maciej is the Managing Director of Philanthropy for Impact, Central European initiative aiming to increase the region’s democratic resilience through systemic philanthropy. Prior to this, he spent the last decade in public policy, academia, and social entrepreneurship.

He conducted independent research at Harvard’s Kennedy School and the European University Institute. He also advised the Ditchley Foundation, European Commission, and the British and Polish governments.

Maciej earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Warsaw and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Oxford. He is the recipient of the John Lewis Fellowship, Atlantic Council Millennium Fellowship, and the Fulbright-Schuman Award. He co-founded Coalition for Polish Innovations; Kuchnia Konfliktu and Zofia Institute. Recently, Maciej’s work has been recognized by BMW Stiftung and Trilateral Commission.

Updated November 2022