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Mahir Sijamija


Mahir was born in 1992 in Bugojno. He finished elementary and high school in Donji Vakuf. His undergraduate studies were completed at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, Department of Political Science. He recently completed a master’s degree on the same faculty, and the study courses included International Relations and Diplomacy. He is an activist in several of non-governmental organizations, and participated in several scientific research projects as a lower researcher. He participated in several national and regional conferences that dealt with issues of young people. His scientific research interests are in international relations, diplomacy, post-conflict societies, the Euro-Atlantic integration, social justice, and democracy. He is the author of several scientific papers. He has non- formal education through a variety of programs, such as Humanity in Action and FES BiH. He is a scholar and member of Education Builds B&H. Previously, he worked as a junior assistant for communications in the UNICEF mission in BiH. He is currently working at the University of Sarajevo as an associate for communications and public relations.

Updated May 2018

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