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Melini Kalogeraki


Coming from the island of Crete, Melpomeni (Melini) Kalogeraki is a 22 year old law student in Athens, Greece. Having volunteered for six weeks in Tampere, Finland towards cultural understanding between asylum seekers and the local population, worked for a month in Wall Street, New York, was a representative of a youth organisation’s department in Greece and devoted a year organizing international volunteering leadership exchanges in Athens as a director and vice president of that organisation, Melini can see the world changing through the “good habits” that the international exchange participants gain from one another’s culture when bringing them back to their country while discovering their own values and act upon them. Constantly in search of unexplored, challenging environments, Melini is now working on a project aiming to help high school students make better academic choices and has her eyes wide open for every opportunity for self- development, especially for internships.

Updated May 2018