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Nadji Cordeiro


Born and raised in Copenhagen, Nadjmah Cordeiro is a citizen with Brazilian and Iraqi descent. She is a diligent student at Copenhagen University, studying Portuguese and Brazilian studies. She has also taken a full semester at Copenhagen Business School, studying growth theory, global HR, visual communication and cultural entrepreneurship. As a project intern at Mino Denmark, she has strived to fight for equal opportunities between the minority and majority in Denmark through campaigns, talks, and leading volunteers. She has also co-hosted a talk visited by hundreds of people during International Women’s day. In Brazil, she has organized workshops and activities with children and young adults at CEDEL in Porto Alegre. In her spare time, Nadjmah likes to grow vegetables on her 2 square meter balcony, experiment in the kitchen, and practice slow living. After graduating, Nadjmah plans to pursue a master’s degree in Political Communication and Management at CBS.


Updated May 2019