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Sasha Anosova


The Ukrainian by heart and cosmopolite by choice, Olexandra Anosova is in the process of attaining a B.A. in Business Economics from Lazarski University, combining it with duties as a Business Administration and Customer Service trainee in Siemens at the heart of economic transformation – Warsaw, Poland. Out of the ordinary experiences include studying A levels in History, Economics, and Math in Wrekin college, U.K. as part of HMC Scholarship Scheme. She has co-organized a series of workshops on the “Dialogue and Theater as a Method of Conflict-Resolution” and volunteered in the organizing committee of the biggest debating tournament in Ukraine – “Dnipro Open”, as a member of the NGO “New vision”. Moreover, she raised the problems of migrants and their integration in the E.U. during “The Many Faces of Migration” conference. In general, her academic interests range from income inequality, the effectiveness of education systems to social entrepreneurship and behavioral economics.


Updated May 2019