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Sarah Carmona


Sara Carmona holds an M.A and a PhD in Art History and Archeology granted by the University of Aix-Marseille, France. Her doctoral thesis was “Late Roman Typological and Technical Tradition in the Hispano-Muslim Gardens of the Caliphal and Emiral Era. Power dialectic”. While teaching history, archeology and art history in several universities, she also regularly contributes to the newspaper “Nevipens Romani” and “I Tchachipen”, focusing on the forgotten history and cultures of the Roma in France and Spain in particular, and its impact on Roma identity development. She is an extremely involved activist, Vice President of the Federation de Femmes Rrom, Sinti et Kalé, FROSIKA (Board member of the European Women Lobby), Secretary of “La Voix des Rroms” (Paris), Coordinator of the Cultural Department of the NGO “Union Romani” (Spain), Chairman of the “Union Romani Mujer”, Granada (Spain), Coresponsible of the Mediation Project and Juridical Assistance for the Romanian Rroma Immigrants, Union Romani (Spain), Organizer of the International Day of Rroma People, Granada (Spain), Organizer of the 3rd Encounter of Young Rroma University students, Seville (Spain), Secretary of the Socio-cultural Association “Sacromonte Historico”, Granada (Spain). Sarah Carmona is also the Founder of the Agency for Arts and Cultural Mediation “Bianuripe, le silence” Tunisia, Spain, France (organization of festivals, management), and a freelance translator.


Updated February 2011