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Sofie Malm Henriksen


Sofie is born and raised in Denmark but has been residing in Helsinki for the past three years. She holds a BA in Intercultural Encounters & Philosophy from Roskilde University and a MA in Intercultural Encounters from University of Helsinki. She is interested in epistemological pluralism and inclusive knowledge production, especially in regard to Indigenous peoples. Her master’s thesis problematized the power relations embedded in Danish knowledge production concerning Greenlandic matters, and how this sustains an unequal relationship within the Unity of the Realm. Furthermore, she has engaged in partnership-based project work with Rwandan youth to strengthen the youth’s position in Rwanda, focusing on democratic values and human rights. In Copenhagen, she has co-founded a scout group for children to give them a break from screens, social media and performance culture. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking and dance battles.


Updated April 2021