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Colonial Dialogue - Weekend Workshop


Danish people tend to have many perceptions and opinions on and about Greenland, however many Danes do not possess sufficient knowledge about Greenlandic society, culture, and economy.

This action project aimed at addressing ignorance, prejudice, privileges, and post-colonialism, by enhancing a constructive dialogue among and with Danish youth on the relationship with Greenland. It was done with the help from Grundtvigs Højskole, who found the project an interesting and worthy cause. Most importantly the project was kicked off with the participation and help of Greenlandic activists, showing off culture as resistance, as power, and as a way of creating debate and reflection.

Over the course of a weekend senior fellow William Nordmark Nielsen and Sofie Malm Henriksen facilitated a weekend full of learning for the around 200 students at Grundvig Højskole. The weekend adressed common prejudice and enlightened the students on the unequal ties between Denmark and Greenland.

Glimpse from the packed program include:

It was a surprise how inspired I was and moving it was to see youth engage full-heartedly in discussions, with reflections and new perspectives towards my understanding as well as their own understanding of power, politics, history, and all the underlying subtleties, that makes societal structures exist, for better and for worse.

Being inspired by the activists and lecturers Sofie and William met during their 2021 Copenhagen Fellowship, they wanted to dive deeper into the Danish-Greenlandic relations with a post-colonial perspective.