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William Nielsen


William Nordmark Nielsen is passionate about the world and all its diversity. This includes finding new ways to break down barriers, informing himself and others about the unknown. He believes in storytelling, in all its forms, as nothing speaks to a human being as a narrative, where one is evoked with empathy. He has lived in London, Norway, and Tanzania. With an initial degree in History, he is currently involved in development and globalization studies and its vast span of foci. Thus, working on a thesis on Tanzanian women’s land rights, in the midst of the chaotic stratifications in a system of legal pluralities, global regimes, local realities, and civil society as mediators in between. Besides women’s rights, William wants to put a spotlight on anyone being marginalized in various ways, by and within their own reality. He knows that everyone has a story to tell, and he will listen.


Updated April 2021