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Vincent Kadiri

Biomedical Researcher


Vincent Kadiri is a Nigerian German scientist currently pursuing his doctorate degree at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany. His work there focuses on biomedical applications of nanotechnology. Beyond that, communicating his findings is an issue close to his heart, which is why he regularly participates in science slams and other events around science communication. Since 2018, he has hosted and edited the “Two Blacks and a Jew” podcast which highlights BPoC experiences in Germany. He played an active role in reinvigorating the movement for racial equality in the Stuttgart area by supporting events such as the African Open Mic Night Stuttgart as well as co-initiating the reboot of a local Black organization, ISD Stuttgart. He grew up in Berlin and, after a brief stint in London, pursued a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry, followed by a master’s degree in Chemistry at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. He seeks a career that will allow him to reconcile the conflict between working full-time in academia and staying heavily involved in activism. In the little spare time he has, Vincent enjoys reading, bouldering, and making 3D renders and animations using Blender.

“Science needs to become more democratic and less biased. To that end, I want to connect Scientists of Color around the world and encourage them to become better science communicators and role models to inspire Youth of Color!”

Learn more about Vincent’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here.


Updated June 2021

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