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Yaromyr Udod


Yaromyr Udod is an international development professional who started off from fieldwork in the conflict-affected areas of East Ukraine. After a year of work in the city of Kramatorsk there, he moved back to his hometown in Western Ukraine. There he continues working in the development field, now with a stronger focus on peace-building processes by connecting initiatives from west and east of the country. Other topics he is working on are, among others, deradicalization efforts, promoting non-formal education among different groups, including ones from the non-privileged backgrounds. Prior to this, Yaromyr worked as a research assistant for a Fulbright Scholar supporting a study on motivations for public service work. While receiving his higher education in Social Sciences, Yaromyr was also involved in human rights work, such as volunteering with Amnesty International Ukraine. Yaromyr plans to stay in the humanitarian and development field, with a particular focus on stabilization efforts.

Updated February 2020