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Mapping Co-Existence, Religious Diversity and Memory (Loss) in Northern Greece


“Mapping Co-Existence, Religious Diversity, and Memory (Loss) in Northern Greece” aims to shed light on the religious heritage of Northern Greece.

Through a blend of research methodologies, it emphasizes the historical and contemporary co-existence, interactions, and cooperation among Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Jews, and Muslims in North Greece. By engaging both older and younger members of these communities, the project seeks to empower and document voices often overlooked in mainstream discourse through the presentation of a virtual map, paper, and short documentary.

The project’s focal point lies in bridging the gap between past and present concepts of co-existence and cooperation amidst contemporary political and economic challenges, which have led to tensions and instances of discrimination and intolerance. Focusing on members of religious communities in Northern Greece, including Muslims, Jews, Catholics, and Orthodox Christians, the project aims to foster dialogue among diverse communities, engaging individuals outside the realms of academia and civil society.

By reviving the spirit of dialogue and inclusivity that once characterized Northern Greece, the project aims to promote peaceful co-existence and appreciation of cultural diversity and reverse politically and economically motivated trends of tensions and divisions.


Updated April 2024