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Minority voices - rätten till berättelsen


Minority groups In Sweden, minority groups have experienced persecution, and their cultures, languages, and voices have been largely erased. Only recently has Sweden adopted a minority rights protection, and the wounds are still healing. The art of sharing and witnessing stories, past and present, in a non-judgmental, empathetic way is a democratic act to reshape the future. This starts with the individual sharing and connecting historical narratives.

Through voicing experiences, individuals can find healing and empowerment for their onward journeys in a Stockholm-based project. The project will create workshop-circles in safe spaces for Swedish minorities to explore memories and thoughts through storytelling and other forms of social arts, like singing. It invites them to acquire tools and practice storytelling methods which strengthens empathy, tolerance and communication, creating a common ground of humanity which lifts us above individual differences.

The circles will focus on life stories and wisdom tales. It will give the individual tools and skills to speak their truth while respecting the other and establishing networks. The project team and participants will grow knowledge skills in storytelling practice for further storytelling projects.


Updated April 2024