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Ekotok is a project initiative developed and implemented by a young group of enthusiasts passionate about ecology – EDVACAY Fellows Lejla Dautbašić, Tarik Čardaković, Faris Mrako and Mateo Todosijević. Through the concept of “eco mainstreaming”, which is used for evaluation of every day actions and how those actions influence the eco system, the group wants to raise awareness of how ecology is embedded in every aspect of life and how changing small things can help in creating a cleaner and better environment. Their plan is to make a film about this concept that will be promoted on social media platforms, through TV interviews, panel
discussion and various others planned activities. Ekotok’s final goal is to activate a major part of the professional society and BiH’s citizens to become more aware about better care of the society and environment where they are living through small every day actions.


The aim of the project is to encourage each individual to think about how to change their behavior towards nature, and how our daily activities, which we consider harmless, have a very harmful effect on nature.

EKOTOK Campaign Video

This project is generously supported by: