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Guidelines for Family Reunification Procedures


No one is assigned the official duty of aiding unaccompanied minors with applying for family reunification, meaning that this right is unrealized for the vast majority of unaccompanied minors in Denmark.

The task of helping the children fill in applications and gather the required documentation is primarily left to caregivers, legal guardians or social workers. The system is complex and therefore many mistakes are made, resulting in the delay of  children’s right to family reunification, or in the worst cases the rejection of their application.

This action project addressed this issue in the municipality of Frederiksberg. Humanity in Action Fellow, Karen, reached out to the Department of Families and Children at the municipality to discuss the possibility of developing guidelines to be implemented at the municipality.

“I was pleasantly surprised that the municipality was very open to improving this situation and cooperated well with me.”- Karen Christensen

Upon approval, Karen began the task of creating guidelines for filling out and tracking the process of family-reunification. She also educated the social-workers in charge of the unaccompanied minors, on the application procedure. Refugees Welcome have published her guidelines  and continue to be in dialogue with municipalities, legal guardians, and children across Denmark.

“Achieving access to family reunification for these children is very rewarding and the implementation of the guidelines will hopefully…help children achieve this right in many future cases as well.” – Karen Christensen