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We got this! The Feminist Hackathon


These many crises we now face can be an opportunity to reimagine and rethink how we support each other. I want to focus on (post)pandemic life of young women in Poland and contribute to the discussions on just societies and democratic systems.

Landecker Democracy Fellow Anna‘s project, “We got this! The Feminist Hackathon,” utilizes the lenses of collective care and civic participation to reimagine democratic systems as they relate specifically to young women in a (post)pandemic world.

Collective care is a concept of sharing responsibilities of care and weaving networks of mutual support that play a role in safety nets.

The second pillar of the project — civic participation — emphasizes the involvement of each project participant to ensure the final result will be co-created and co-owned by all the actors involved.

Anna’s Ambitions

“We got this!” addresses the struggles and challenges that young women face in (post)pandemic Poland. The project consists of:

  • a nationwide survey,
  • public debates,
  • the development of a network of social initiatives,
  • and a two-day online hackathon.

Through Anna’s academic work and social activism, she has observed the marginalization of young women, on many levels. the COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified this marginalization. As a result, she focuses on and invites young women across Poland to participate.

Project Development

The project is developed around three elements:

  • The first one is the survey with questions about the experiences and challenges young women faced during and after the pandemic.
  • The second phase is a set of open debates centered on critical topics indicated in the survey. Anna will use her networks in academia and civil society, as well as new partners reached in the phase of promoting the survey, to organize space for discussions regarding the situation of young women in Poland. This network will be essential for the last phase — the feminist hackathon.
  • For two days, the online space of the feminist hackathon will address the challenges young women face in Poland. The goal is to gather around diverse participants and come up with ideas to solve the most burning questions. Two of the ideas should be formed into a ready-to-use format; these two will be promoted and pitched for further development following this Fellowship.

For more information, visit We got this! The Feminist Hackathon’s website.

Updated March 2022.