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Platform ṭahāra


The motives

Over the last few years more attention has been given to racism and discrimination as a systematic problem stemming from a history filled with narcissistic quests and dehumanizing practices and philosophies. So far there have been many great initiatives raising awareness about the violence of our colonial past and its effects on the here and now. At the same time, society seems to be stuck in a loop searching for a way to move on from addressing that violence to transforming violence. 

As a MA International Relations & Security graduate Habiba familiarized herself most with decolonial theory. As a Muslim, Black, Female, Somali diaspora this gravitation was natural as the theory intersected with her own lived experiences. Nearing the end of her studies she realized that decolonizing is an endless quest and that the focus should now be on transforming violent structures which she addresses in her thesis. To move away from the hegemonic position of Western knowledge, modes of learning, methods, narratives, practices, and ways of being, she believes that a space should be cultivated in which universal alternatives are provided that hold the power to transform our ways of being, societies, and relations. 

The objectives

Platform ṭahāra aims to take a leap towards transformation through mostly educational activities with the hope to foster a society in which humbleness becomes the new norm. This action project has three main objectives:

  • To spread under highlighted knowledge; 
  • To foster humbleness;
  • And to inspire transformation.


Platform ṭahāra primary location for offline activities will be in the Netherlands. To support and to keep an eye out for online activities you can follow the IG page @platformtahara and join the mailing list by signing up on the website Stay tuned for Platform ṭahāra’s first project Spreading Peace launching this May 2023.