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Raising Awareness on Human Right Issues and Promoting Active Citizenship among the Teenagers in Ukraine


Yuliia Rudenko a student of international law and English interpretation as well as a Fellow of 2020 Humanity in Action Warsaw Fellowship/Academy of Human Rights, devoted her Action Project to enhancing the knowledge of young Ukrainians (between 12-15 of age) on how they can become activists at the local and national levels.

As she stresses through a series of workshops she and her team presented “the information about activism and what it means to be an active citizen. We want to work with youth as they are the most vulnerable group. They already have access to information through social media, but they haven’t developed enough critical thinking. So it makes them believe the influencers or other authorities who are not always giving them the right examples. We would like not only to teach them what kind of rights they have and what they can do with them.”

Yuliia’s Action Project focused on giving the workshop participants practical tools on how to make informed activist choices and inspire them to take civic oriented actions.