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Supporting Refugee Children in Utrecht: Turning Interests into Activities


This event addressed the need for asylum-seeking children to have agency and opportunities for expression and creativity, which often lack under their circumstances. It aimed to provide a sense of empowerment and belonging, by allowing them to choose and engage in activities they enjoy, as well as attempting to bring moments of happiness and normalcy to their lives.
Alongside her co-Fellows Saskia and Francisca, Sophia wanted to bring humanity back to individuals who are often reduced to their legal status, when they should in fact be considered an integral part of society. Governments often provide only the bare minimum socioeconomic support to refugees, making it necessary for organizations and volunteers to step in.
The first step  we familiarised ourselves with the target group by participating in children’s activities that were already in place. Secondly, we compiled a broad list of feasible ideas based on the children’s interests that we picked up on. We then offered these ideas up for a vote with the children. They chose the activity of cake decorating; to put an emphasis on making their ideas into reality, we hosted a drawing workshop where the children could design their cakes with colored pens and paper. The next week, we provided all the materials (cake, frosting of all colors, candy, sprinkles etc) for the children to decorate their dream cakes (and eat them!).