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Migration, Identity and Belonging



Humanity in Action was founded on an abiding interest in the flight and rescue of Jews in Denmark in 1943 and the implications of this event on contemporary human rights. Over twenty years later, Humanity in Action programs continue to address migration and its ensuing intersections.

To continue in this spirit during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Humanity in Action community engaged in a web conversation in the spring of 2020. The page became a virtual forum for sharing Senior Fellows’ Action Projects focused on migration as well as their ongoing work in the field. While this page was created in 2020, it continues to carry an important value to the Humanity in Action community and a source of knowledge and inspiration to all. Below are a few highlights from the web conversation.

The Humanity in Action Senior Fellows execute courageous projects.

Our Senior Fellows study and create projects bringing positive change to multiple areas of migration. From using art to voice an issue to looking at migration through academic and law perspectives, our Senior Fellows actively impact societies around the world.

Senior Fellow Christina Antonakos-Wallace’s and her team’s documentary film “From Here” (formerly titled With Wings & Roots) was in 2020 selected for the London Human Rights Watch Film Festival.

The theme of migration is further visible in the work of many Landecker Democracy Fellows.

Christiana Bukalo created Statefree.World, an online platform for stateless people and their allies. Another Landecker Democracy Fellow, Iason Apostolopoulos, leads a team on board the Geo Barents rescue ship, which in August 2021 rescued 322 people, out of whom were 85 unaccompanied children.

To learn more about what the Humanity in Action community does on the topics of migration, visit the Migration, Identity and Belonging page.