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In the past months and years, COVID-19 has crashed into our lives. The Humanity in Action community highlights that social justice is critical to a thriving democracy – and ever more so in times of crisis.

The scourge has also made Humanity in Action Fellows and Senior Fellows reexamine their worlds: their hopes and fears, their families and friends, work and responsibilities.

The Humanity in Action Senior Fellows lead ground-breaking projects.

Senior Fellow Tanja Dittfeld wrote about the Impact of COVID-19 on Marginalized Groups in Uganda, and as health crisis can turn into a human rights crisis. Learn about her research here.

Hannah Joy Sachs, a Senior Fellow and Communications and Community Manager at Humanity Action discussed “Yellow Peril” in the Age of COVID-19, sharing her experiences and observations concerning the recent rise in anti-Asian racism. Read the “Yellow Peril” article here.

The fight with COVID is further visible in the work of many Landecker Democracy Fellows.

Dr Asha Shajahan, a 2020 Landecker Fellow, helped to form a campaign to combat misinformation around the Covid-19 vaccination. The #ThisIsOurShot initiative brings together resources which include a coalition of ‘healthcare heroes,’ education on how to have compassionate conversations, evidence-based posts for social media to share information.

Reshma Persaud, another 2020 Landecker Fellow, joined forces with the IRC and organized a one day vaccine clinic for 150+ refugee clients. Learn more about the action here.

To learn more about what the Humanity in Action community does to reflect on the COVID-19 situation, and how our Fellows and Senior Fellows tirelessly continue to make this world more just and safe, visit this page devoted to COVID-19.