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Study & Community

We believe that innovation and change are the result of community and collaboration.

Life-long learning and civic engagement are at the core of our mission. Through workshops, study trips, community retreats, webinars, and other learning opportunities, we connect and challenge each other while learning from a variety of experts in a variety of fields.

Farewell Reception of our 2016 Berlin Fellows

We aim to foster a culture that is collaborative, caring, open to vulnerability, interdisciplinary, opinionated, eclectic, international and fun. As an organization, we organize run study & community opportunities for our Fellows and Senior Fellows. As a community, our Fellows and Senior Fellows host independent activities in cities across Europe and the United States. Activities include study trips, discussions, community retreats, and other events.

Community and life-long learning and civic engagement are at the core of our mission.

Learn more about and join our ongoing offer Humanity in Action Dinner Dialogues to connect with other (Senior) Fellows and community members, hold intentional and timely conversations, and learn with and from one another over a shared meal.

Watch our Community Webinars