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Senior Fellow Training: Effective Communication and Mediation

The ability to mediate effectively and to communicate constructively is indispensable for anyone working in the realms of human rights, diversity and pluralism.

Humanity in Action hosted its first Senior Fellow Training on Effective Communication and Mediation in Berlin from November 14-15, 2015. Twenty-five Fellows and Senior Fellows came together for a 1.5-day workshop to develop constructive communication skills and to learn tools for effective mediation in human rights, diversity and pluralism work. The weekend also gave participants the opportunity to learn more about exciting new Senior Fellow action projects and connect with other interesting members from the Humanity in Action Senior Fellow network.

To learn about the secrets of mediation, Humanity in Action invited an experienced mediator, Lenka Hora Adema from the Netherlands, to support its Fellows and Senior Fellows in developing their skills to handle conflict through communication. A particular focus of the workshop was expanding mediation skills for use in both the professional and private spheres. Participants of the training acquired knowledge of meta-communication skills and how to recognize conflict patterns, in particular in the context of social justice-related work and conversations.

Humanity in Action Germany hosted the training, which also included networking opportunities with the German Senior Fellow community and international Humanity in Action staff.

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This program was generously supported by the Germeshausen Foundation.

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