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How to Fix Democracy

Unraveling the fragile state of our democracies in Europe and the United States.

How to Fix Democracy explores why democracy is not delivering in Europe and North America and how it can be reinvigorated. The project consists of a series of interviews, webinars, and a three-part documentary film. Our intention is to bring our audience face to face with the origins, controversies, triumphs, and failures of democracy in the 21st century. Our goal is to analyze what is wrong with democracy and spark conversations about how to fix it.

How to Fix Democracy Season 5 covers 100 years of American democracy between 1924 and 2024. The season uncovers the complexities of U.S. history and asks our distinguished guests why it remains the most iconic and yet misunderstood democratic system in the world. This season is brought to you by the Bertelsmann Foundation and Humanity in Action. Watch the episode videos at and listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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How to Fix Democracy: The Documentary Film

Directed, written, and narrated by Andrew Keen, the How To Fix Democracy film is a three-parts documentary about the contemporary crisis of liberal democracy. Filmed in Europe and the United States, it features dozens of interviews from some of the world's top experts on democracy from academia, media, and government. The documentary charts the rise of illiberal populism and offers economic, technological, and cultural strategies to save liberal democracy.

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