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How To Fix Democracy with Margaret Atwood



Since its origins, democracy has been a work in progress. Today, many question its resilience. The Bertelsmann Foundation, Institute for Canadian Citizenship, and Humanity in Action have teamed up with Andrew Keen, author of How to Fix the Future, for Season Three of How to Fix Democracy: a video and podcast series exploring practical responses to the threats facing democracies around the world. Host Andrew Keen interviews prominent thinkers, writers, politicians, technologists, and business leaders who enlighten and challenge us as we seek the answers to How to Fix Democracy.

Season Three Episode Five “Democracy, citizenship, and dystopian fiction” features Margaret Atwood, an award-winning author, who has written numerous best-sellers including the 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale. She and host Andrew Keen discuss Margaret’s impressions of citizenship and the importance of fiction writers in a democracy. Dystopias, Atwood says, show us the future if we do not correct the mistakes of the present, and so writers of dystopian fiction aid democracies by showing the consequences of inaction.(watch|listen)

This series is made possible with the kind support of the William H. Donner Foundation.

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How To Fix Democracy with Tom Malinowski

Video | International, March 2021

Season Three Episode Four, "Can America Lead Again?" features Tom Malinowski, a U.S. representative for New Jersey's 7th congressional district and was formerly the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor in the Obama administration. He and host Andrew Keen discuss the stature of American democracy today in light of the Biden administration’s proposed global Summit for Democracy. Representative Malinowski also discusses his personal story of immigration to America and what it means to be an American citizen.

How To Fix Democracy Live Session with Dr. Jelani Cobb

News | International, 26 January 2021

The Bertelsmann Foundation North America, Humanity in Action, and the Canadian Institute for Citizenship invite you to a live discussion about the meaning of citizenship in today's United States of America.

How To Fix Democracy with Bianca Wylie

Video | International, March 2021

Season Three Episode Three, "Smart Cities, Smart Citizens?," features Bianca Wylie. She is co-founder of Digital Public, co-founder of Tech Reset Canada, and Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation. In this episode, she discusses with Andrew Keen the architecture and geography of citizenship from our countries and cities to cyberspace. She argues that digital technology has blurred the lines between public and private spheres with adverse effects for citizenship and democracy. The solution lies with the state, Wylie says, which needs to take responsibility for understanding and shaping technology’s impact on society.