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Yannik Roscher: Manual for Organizing Democracy Conventions



Berlin Fellow Yannik Roscher recently published a manual on how people can organize Democracy Conventions in their communities. The manual is published through the NGO “mehr als wählen,” for which Yannik is a board member.

The goal of the toolkit “HANDBUCH DEMOKRATIEKONVENT” (in English, “Manual of Democratic Conventions”) provides various resources that can be adapted to a specific community’s context. As the toolkit states, “Participation never works according to plan, differs from place to place and thrives on experimental impulses.”  The aim is to show how everyone can manage to establish a citizens’ assembly at the municipal level.

This toolkit is part of mehr als wählen’s larger initiative to increase democratic participation, particularly at the local level. The group was founded in 2017 by young Frankfurters who are passionate about increased inclusion of everyday people in democratic processes. In their words, “We have actively campaigned against increasing de-democratization in turbulent political times. What began as an idea of a small group has spread widely.”

Learn more about the organization here and download the manual here. You can also request a hard copy (more details on their webpage).