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What Can America Learn from Europe About Regulating Big Tech?



In the article, “What Can America Learn from Europe About Regulating Big Tech?,” The New Yorker reports about the remarkable role of Senior Fellow and former member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake in improving Big Tech regulations.

With her skepticism of rhetoric, insistence on the role of government in protecting privacy, and her conviction that regulation enables rather than suppresses innovation – Marietje clearly epitomizes an European approach to the tech industry. Schaake believes that tech can be democratic only when voters and representatives, rather than consumers and Silicon Valley through leaders shape how the tech platforms are run.

Legislation could protect privacy and increase transparency about how companies use data; revised liability laws could hold companies accountable for what they disseminate, and improve public debate.

For Marietje, the question is not whether the major tech companies will face democratic accountability, but when.

Interested in learning more? Read the full article by and in the New Yorker here.