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Book Pre-Order: "The Financial Activist Playbook for Racial Justice"



In 2021, Senior Fellow and recipient of the 2020 Humanity in Action Racial Equity Grant, Jasmine Rashid, will be publishing a book titled “The Financial Activist Playbook for Racial Justice.” The book will be an extended version of Jasmine’s free resource, “The Financial Activist Playbook for Supporting Black Lives,”  and will guide the readers to manage their money in line with racial justice. Addressing the inaccessibility of financial strategies to BIPOC communities, “The Financial Activist Playbook” will tackle the existing informational asymmetry and contribute to transitioning to a just and equitable economy.

Jasmine was featured on Teen Vogue’s Instagram, where she spoke about her upcoming book.

You can get a PDF copy of “The Financial Activist Playbook” with any donation size here.