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Inaugural Elizabethtown College Social and Civic Leadership Academy



Under the guidance of Director of Special Programs & Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships Jean-Paul Benowitz and as part of his Humanity in Action fellowship, Senior Fellow Jalen Belgrave developed the Social & Civic Leadership Academy as his Humanity in Action Project to help break down barriers for students with diverse, underrepresented backgrounds at Elisabethtown College. 

The inauguration of the Social & Civic Leadership Academy took place from July 24 to 29. Following the academy, Elizabethtown College featured it on their website.

“I want this Academy to become a serious pipeline for students to learn and grow as leaders,” Jalen said in the article. “My vision for the Academy, in the long run, is not to only provide education to underrepresented students but to advance the economic, educational, social and political status in developing the next generation of campus and community leaders.”

Throughout the course of the week, students participated in lessons led by knowledgeable faculty members who discussed topics in leadership like law, economics, social justice, and conflict resolution.

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