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Julia Zarankin: Learning to love your middle-aged body as a ballerina



“And as for the imperfections? They’re part of being alive.”

Senior Fellow Julia Zarankin has recently written an article for CBC on the beauty of becoming a ballerina. The piece, entitled “How I learned to love my middle-aged body as a ballerina,” describes the way this artistic endeavour helped her become more comfortable in her body.

Through this auto-ethnographic piece, she begins by reflecting back on the unsuccessful hobbies that were supposed to make her feel better about entering middle age. By her early 40s, Julia was determined to prove to herself her body was capable of movement and grace.

Across the article, She shares her experience across the joys and difficulties of this new physical language. Reflecting on this journey, Julia explains that ballet has become an art forcing her to rethink her relationship with her middle-aged body and her physical capabilities.

Describing further her experience, she says:

“I now marvel at what my body is capable of and the incremental changes I’ve seen as I’ve learned to stand with more confidence and courage. And as for the imperfections? They’re part of being alive.”

To read more on the beauty of becoming a ballerina, you can find the full article on this CBC page.