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Noam's Letters to the Editor



In October and early November 2023, Senior Fellow Noam Schimmel has written multiple texts which got published in various online journals.

On October 31, Noam wrote a letter to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle titled “Dialogue not possible,” in which he discusses the efforts of Jewish students and faculty to advance respectful dialogue and community relationships, and suggests these are routinely rejected by illiberal organizations. Read the text in full here.

On November 3, the Chronicle of Philanthropy published Noam’s letter titled “Jewish Human Rights and Welfare Must Be a Philanthropic Priority.” In the text, Noam asserts that “foundations must pair statements denouncing antisemitism with programmatic commitments to support Jewish Americans.” You can find the full article here.

Noam’s “War creates tensecampus climate for Jews” letter to the editor was published on November 5 in the East Bay Times. In the article, Noam refers to an editorial about the Hamas massacres as an important recognition of human rights. The text was published on this page.

Respecting Fundamental Human Rights” was also the topic of Noam’s text shared by the Miami Herald, published on November 6. In it, Noam suggests that humanitarian aid efforts link Palestinians and Israelis in relationships of cooperation and mutual support. The text in full is available here.